Our Process

Working Side-by-Side With You, The Whole Way Through

Michael Vincent Custom Homes strive to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. That starts from the 1st meeting we have to discuss the scope of work the client wants to do. We work side by side with our clients through the entire process from the design phase, until the final walk through. Michael Vincent Custom Homes believes the process of building a home is a partnership between us and our client that will be an enjoyable and exciting experience for everyone. Our process works as follows:

  1. Initial meeting:

    We schedule an initial meeting with our clients to meet and greet, and discuss their project. This includes designs elements, floor plans, needs and wants, budgets, and overall goals.

  2. Design Phase/Contracts:


    Once we have a couple meetings with our clients, we now move on to the actual design phase of the project. Upon this phase, we enter into a contract that covers the expenses for the Architectural Blue Prints, Site Plans from the engineer, Soil Testing, Perc Testing (if applicable), Well estimates on depth of a well (if applicable), and any other process that we need to accomplish before we can submit for a permit. Once the blue prints are finished we then can develop our budget with, allowances for certain materials, to have a final cost estimate. Once the cost estimate is finalized and developed we enter into our construction contract. For those who have a set of blue prints already, the design contract and phase do not apply.

  3. Construction:

    Building a home from start to finish can take 5-8 months depending on the size of the home, and the scope of the work. Michael Vincent Custom Homes has a very “hands on” approach to the construction of the home. We are on site everyday to supervise contractors, site conditions and progress on the home. We allow our clients to walk through the home all the time and encourage them to ask questions about anything they are curious on.

  4. Finishing/Closing:

    Just before the home is completed we walk through the home with the client and make a punch list of items to be completed on or before 30days after the closing. Closing happens once the City passes all required inspections, and issues a Certificate of Occupancy.

  5. Warranty:

    Michael Vincent Custom Homes has a fabulous 1-year warranty from the date of closing that covers a lot of items that could happen within the 1st year of occupancy.

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Mike, at the beginning of our project we spoke with you about our intentions to update and expand our home to provide a comfortable but stylish atmosphere. Thankfully, you understood what we needed and recognized our style early on. You exhibited design, taste and construction expertise well beyond your years.

The construction process was handled professionally and efficiently with constant attention by you and the excellent performance of your tradesmen. Your frequent communications with us kept us on time and on budget resulting in a completed project delivered as promised. Thanks to your skills and efforts, we now have a completely updated truly functional home that our adult children and grandchildren are anxious to come home to. Thanks MVH!The Heller Family – St. Charles, IL

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